The AC maintenance plan.

To work at their best, ACs need to be looked after. With regular cleaning and sanitation you’ll not only keep your unit’s efficiency high and its running costs low,
but also improve the air quality around you.

CoolProtect is an AC maintenance plan that gives you all this, plus 24/7 annual coverage for repairs, emergencies and preventative maintenance.

We’ll tailor an AC maintenance plan just for you.

We offer a range of plans to suit your AC type, space and budget. So, whether it’s a simple split unit, a modular VRF or a centrifugal giant, we’ll service it with care, and make sure it cools like new.


Annual preventative maintenance & cleaning package

2,400 AED


Annual preventative maintenance, deep cleaning & sanitation package

3,600 AED


Annual preventative maintenance, deep cleaning & sanitation package

4,800 AED


Annual preventative maintenance, deep cleaning & sanitation inc free spare parts package

6,000 AED

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Have a question?

How does CoolProtect work?

Taqeef’s CoolProtect Maintenance Plan is an annual AC service contract that offers professional cleaning, maintenance and repairs for a fixed yearly fee that’s tailored to your cooling technology and your budget. There’s no hidden costs and it’s a 24/7 service to offer complete peace of mind.

How much does CoolProtect cost?

CoolProtect costs from as little as 6DHS per day which includes all labour, a set number of free annual call outs and services plus a 24/7 helpline. After a quick assessment our team will recommend a tailored plan that’s right for you.

My AC is new – do I still need a maintenance plan?

Preventative maintenance is essential in extending the life of your AC product, maximising its power and efficiency and keeping the air clean. Even new units should be professionally maintained to ensure they work at their best.

Why do I need professional help to clean and maintain my AC?

While a quick clean and clear-out can be easily done by any-one, technical maintenance and sanitation (including coil and filter cleaning) should be done by professionals. Taqeef’s award winning customer care and industry-leading technical teams are accredited by O General and Midea for ultimate peace of mind.

What’s the benefit of AC maintenance?

Professional AC maintenance can help prevent problems or malfunctions before they occur, and it can help keep your bills lower and your cooling outputs higher.