CoolCare is Taqeef’s free 5-year AC warranty. It offers you free parts and free labour from the team who know your AC unit best. That means one stop AC service and support is always just a phone call away.

Need a repair or warranty claim?

How to register?

Registration is automatic for online purchases. In-store purchases should be registered within 3 months of purchase through our call centre on 800TAQEEF.

What’s covered?

All labour and spare parts are covered against manufacturing defects for 5 years.

Have a question?

What is CoolCare?

The CoolCare Protection Plan is Taqeef’s 5-­­­­­year warranty for window and split units sold through Taqeef’s showroom and dealer network, via authorised online retailers and on

What does CoolCare cover?

CoolCare covers any labour and spare parts required in the case of a product malfunction.

What are my obligations under CoolCare?

You must ensure your unit is installed by a qualified A/C installer, and is cleaned and maintained as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  For details on Taqeef’s maintenance plan click here.

Who is authorised to repair my products?

Taqeef’s trained technicians will provide free labour and spare parts under the CoolCare Protection Plan.

How do I get CoolCare for my products?

CoolCare registration is automatic for online purchases. For in-store purchases register via WhatsApp by using a QR code displayed at point of purchase. Registration must be done within 3 months of purchase.

What should I do in the case of a product breakdown?

If your product fails to function properly, please contact the Taqeef call centre at 800TAQEEF to create a service request.

I have older Taqeef supplied products installed
at my home does CoolCare cover those products, too?

CoolCare is only currently available for products bought on or after March 1st, 2019.

How do I clean and maintain my AC as per the manufacturer instructions?

To understand the best way to look after your AC, please click on the links below, or you can call 800TAQEEF for information on our CoolProtect Preventative Maintenance Package.

General Split User Manual
General Window User Manual
Midea Split User Manual
Midea Window User Manual